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Quality advantage
  • The company is equipped with all kinds of advanced testing equipments in the industry. All products are in line with relevant quality standards and have won the national utility model patent certificate.


02branded advantages
  • A professional supplier of R&D, production and sales of laser welding automation equipment in China


  • Careful selection of materials, precision production, strict inspection, excellence. Quality is the life of a win-win, quality is the soul of the product


Process advantage
  • Professionally focused process development team, 13 years of laser welding process precipitation;
  • Provide intimate services to customers in real time, and achieve seamless integration of customer needs;
    05custom made

    custom made

    Custom advantage
    05custom made
    • Tailor-made solutions for custom specifications.
    • According to customer needs, provide supporting technical solutions, custom automated welding systems;
    06After sale

    After sale

    After-sales advantage
    06After sale
    • After-sales outlets throughout the country. Customer service responds within 24 hours
    • One year warranty, nationwide warranty, lifetime maintenance.
    • Free shipping, installation and commissioning,<

Technical supportTechnical support

Laser welding machine built in the daily maintenance of the laser Laser welding machine built in the daily maintenance of the laser

It is necessary for the laser to be protected by the personnel who have specialized in the laser welding machine manufacturers to carry out, otherwise it is easy to attack the serious man-made damage.

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Laser welding machine technology in our country at present stage Laser welding machine technology in our country at present stage

At present, China has formed a laser welding machine technology research and development, production through-train system, production unit of laser welding machine technology research and development center, laser welding equipment gradually formed, provi

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Pulse shape of laser welding machine Pulse shape of laser welding machine

During the welding process of the laser welding machine, the reflectivity of the material changes with the change of the temperature of the workpiece surface, so the pulse shape has an indirect effect on the reflectivity of the material. The laser start f

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Company profileCompany Profile

Company Profile Beijing GDY Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd

 Beijing GDY Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 2009, is a laser product research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and provide laser processing services as one of the new high-tech intensive enterprise. The company is located in NO.98,Liersi Village,Zhangjiawan Town,Tongzhou District,Beijing China . convenient transportation, complete facilities and strong technology. The company's main products are laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser scribing machine, laser to machine a series of laser products, widely used in instrumentation, sensors, medical devices, automotive battery industry. At the same time, the company also to domestic and foreign customers with low laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, laser scribing and other services.
   Beijing GDY Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd is the first in Beijing through the ISO9001 quality management certification system and ISO14000 environmental protection system certification, one of the key enterprises. In addition to their own R & D personnel and experimental platform, but also with the domestic and foreign research institutes and colleges and universities to establish a close cooperative relationship. , with advanced technology, excellent quality and excellent service, "North gordon laser" brand has become the industry famous brand, reputation in the industry, in a wide range of users.
    With the gradual expansion of scale and continue to enhance the strength of the company will continue to adjust development strategy, improve the product structure, give full play to the staff's ability and cleverness, to provide quality products and better service to more customers at home and abroad. Constantly go beyond the self is our pursuit, improve the quality of our company's internal needs of the development of the quality of after-sales service is our commitment to the user! I believe that in the majority of customers, the support of North Gordon laser technology Co., Ltd will usher in a new glory!

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Common problemcommon problem

Processing technology of laser welding machine has the effect of solution pool cleaning
Laser welding machine technology has the effect of solution pool purification, can be pure weld metal, suitable for the same and different metal materials welding.
Application range of laser welding machine
​Prospect of welding automation technology The development of electronic technology, computer microelectronics residence and automation technology has promoted the development of laser welding machine automation technology. In particular, the introductio
Welding method of laser welding machine
Resistance welding It is used for welding thin metal parts, laser welding machine in two electrode clamping surface work piece through the current electrode melting large contact, through the workpiece to implement welding heat resistance. The workpiece

Company's demeanorCompany style