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Laser welding machine built in the daily maintenance of the laser

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Laser welding machine built in the daily maintenance of the laser

It is necessary for the laser to be protected by the personnel who have specialized in the laser welding machine manufacturers to carry out, otherwise it is easy to attack the serious man-made damage.
1, in order to ensure that the laser welding machine has been in normal operation condition, a series of work for two weeks or stop using for a period of time, check the components before starting the primary response to YAG bar, medium diaphragm and lens protection glass optical path, to determine the optical components have no dust pollution, mildew and other abnormal appearance. If the above representation should be disposed of in a timely manner, to ensure that all optical components can not be damaged under intensive laser irradiation.
The purity of 2, the cooling water is to ensure that the  laser welding machine key  laser output power and laser cavity component life, we should check once a week in the conductivity of the circulating water, the conductivity of 30.5MW/cm, it is necessary to exchange monthly deionized water a cycle, the new water conductivity is necessary to write 32MW/cm. Notice the color changes of the ion exchange column in the cooling system at any time, and if the color of the resin in the column is changed to be dark brown or even black, the resin should be exchanged immediately.
3, laser welding machine operator can often use black paper check the laser spot, once found the spot is not uniform or decline in energy representation, should be timely to the laser resonant cavity is adjusted to ensure the laser output beam quality