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The classification and characteristics of the optical fiber laser welding machine

author:adminPublication time:2018-10-17 09:54:04【large in Small

Fiber laser welding machine more and more types of fiber laser welding machine, because the work is not the same way can be divided into automatic laser welding machine, laser welding machine, laser welding machine, mold fiber laser welding machine, laser welding machine and other advertising words. Laser welding machine is characteristic of high density and high energy laser beam, the internal heating part smile zones on the information diffusion by using thermal conduction. Data of internal heat, and then reach the intention of a welding molten pool specific in internal data.
Laser die repair welding machine: the main role in digital goods, mobile phones, cars, motorcycles and other professional mold welding, welding in technology has also been widely used.
Automatic laser welding machine: the first  laser welding machine  for the metal data circumference, linear and other automated welding, in the mobile phone, watches, electronic components, precision instruments, handicrafts and other occupations have been widely used.
Laser welding machine: mainly used for gold and silver jewelry, electronic components, valve repair welding spot welding trachoma.
The technical characteristics of the fiber laser welding machine:
1 high speed scanning vibrating mirror, fast speed, strong stability, light spot, high precision;
2 welding control software is easy to operate, modify sensitive, strong compatibility, good control;
3 scanning welding machine power conversion is strong, the failure rate is low;
4 welding can achieve continuous operation, small weld, weld strong, not easy to break;
5 according to the size of the height and size of welding products to adjust the parameters of different groups and different processing parameters;