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Development of two kinds of lasers used in laser welding machine

author:adminPublication time:2018-10-17 09:52:32【large in Small

At present, the laser welding machine is mainly used in laser CO2 high power laser and pulse Nd:YAG laser, laser welding machine developed the development of lasers are still concentrated in the laser equipment, such as stability and life progress of power supply, on the discharge stability of CO2 gas lasers to solve the high-power laser, optical pumping solid laser for YAG to develop large capacity, long life light source.
laser welding machine  by direct laser diode array output wavelength in the near infrared region of uniform laser power has reached lkW, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is close to 50%, the laser equipment and technology, will play a greater role in welding applications. In the laser processing and laser beam quality and processing of peripheral devices, should be required, quality control technology of laser beam and study the processing quality of various laser processing technology of laser beam, and the development of optical system design and processing, to carry out the welding process and welding materials, equipment requirements and process parameters of laser welding machine monitoring and control technology research welding, so as to grasp the welding process of ordinary steel, non-ferrous metals and special steel.