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Application of laser welding machine in battery manufacture

author:adminPublication time:2018-10-17 09:51:45【large in Small

Battery manufacturing is increasingly becoming the biggest challenge of the manufacturing industry in twenty-first Century. Although the annual production capacity of the global battery has reached tens of billions, but the traditional battery manufacturing technology in terms of battery efficiency and cost budget, has not been able to meet the rapid growth of battery applications. Most of us have been very well aware of the use of batteries in hybrid cars, plug-in hybrids and all electric cars. In addition to the application in the automotive industry, the cost of the economy, with high performance of the battery in the power and alternative energy industry applications are also very attractive. Today, "high performance and economic" should be used to clearly describe and recognize the role of the battery in helping us solve the energy challenges of the hero. Because now the market for battery energy storage and battery life requirements are higher, the weight and cost of the battery is lower, the challenge is still in the process of manufacturing process.
In the industrial application of many battery technology, in order to meet the needs of a variety of applications. But also for a given cell variety, there will be a lot of different product shape changes, which may lead to different manufacturing methods. A new type of battery is a cylindrical or planar design. The battery cell is stacked, packaged, or array, and the individual units are combined into series and parallel circuits. The connection between the unit and the unit may involve similar or different metal materials, with two or more than two different layers. In spite of the diversity of design, there is a common point in all of these battery design concepts. This common challenge is the need to be more and more thin variety of metal materials at a faster speed, and this is the application of laser welding machine technology.
There is a recognized and frequently used  laser welding machine  solution is based on the vibration mirror laser welding machine. This "remote welding" technology is not very new in the wide range of laser welding, but the improvement of scanning head and laser performance is getting more and more attention. High power fiber laser power increasing emitted beam almost perfect, now available in the speed limit welding is fully utilized, but also limit the other welding motion system did not affect the acceleration. The quality of the laser welding machine can also guarantee a larger visual range, longer running time and more incidence angle, which can be used for the welding of a plurality of solder joints at the same time.