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Application of optical fiber laser welding machine and matters needing attention

2018-12-21 13:11:29    

Application characteristics of fiber laser:
1, diversified processing system, laser welding machine can be connected through the optical splitter 1 to 6 more transmission fiber, wiring to different processing stations (welding, cutting, cladding, quenching, etc.);
2, high and low power free switching;
3, high processing efficiency and good processing quality, easy to achieve  non-contact welding and welding deep soluble  laser welding machine, welding strength almost wood than other laser welding HAZ and deformation is smaller, the difference between the guarantee assembly parts, reduce the workpiece after finishing welding.
Two, fiber laser welding before cleaning the weld is the key link, laser welding parts can not rust, there is no water, as well as rust inhibitor, electro coating. Because of heat, laser welding of high temperature, high welding speed, the surface of material under high temperature, easy to decompose and explosion, welding defects, impurities will cause the welding after inclusion, porosity and other defects.
Three, laser welding machine and welding speed on the welding quality of the welding quality: no fill wire single layer welding, with the increase of the depth of the melt, the need for power is also increasing. Laser welding heat conduction welding and deep soluble welding, keyhole in laser deep penetration welding will cause the starting arc pit, can write power time program, realize the function of starting and ending in a crescendo, perfect the initial welding point.

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