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Laser welding machine process is generally divided into five kinds

2018-12-21 13:15:03    

1, film and sheet welding. Including welding, welding, welding end center through hole in the centre, fusion welding process of 4 kinds of method.
2, wire and wire welding. Including wire and wire welding, butt welding, cross parallel welding, T welding and other 4 kinds of process.
3, metal wire and the welding of the piece. Laser welding machine using laser welding can be successfully achieved with a piece of metal wire connection, the size of the piece can be arbitrary. In welding, we should pay attention to the geometry size of the wire element.
4, different metal welding.  laser welding machine  different types of metal to solve the range of welding parameters and welding parameters. Laser welding between different materials is possible only for certain combinations of materials.
5, laser brazing. The connection should not be some laser welding machine components by laser welding, but can be used as heat source of laser, the implementation of brazing and soldering, laser welding has the same advantages. There are many ways of brazing, in which the laser soldering is mainly used for the welding of printed circuit board, especially for the assembly technology.

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