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Laser power is the most important parameter to select laser welding machine.

2018-12-21 13:14:14    

In the choice of laser power waveform, in general, in the output of the same laser energy of the premise, the wider the width, the greater the spot welding spot, the higher the laser power waveform peak power, the greater the welding spot. At present, there is not a complete set of laser power waveform setting method, the user can use the process to gradually explore, to explore the laser welding machine suitable for their products laser power waveform.
The choice of laser welding machine is very important to the rate of the finished product. So, in the premise of the condition permission, the user can use the laser power real time negative feedback welding machine to improve the quality of the product.
Waveform control, the laser power negative precision laser feedback control is easy to realize the laser power welding machine in fact, for the  laser welding machine of  different materials, using different laser power waveform, the welding effect is more exquisite, sometimes even using the traditional way of welding material can be obtained. The welding effect is good by changing the laser power waveform.
Therefore, when you choose to buy automatic laser welding machine, laser power is the first to consider the issue, only a powerful laser power, in order to allow you to achieve the normal operation of high-power laser equipment.

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