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Laser welding machine for the automobile manufacturing industry has brought great benefits

2018-12-21 13:12:36    

The laser welding machine has the advantages of high energy density, small deformation, narrow heat affected zone, high welding speed, easy to realize automatic control, and no subsequent processing. It has become one of the important means in the industrial manufacture. The automotive industry is the largest industry in the production scale of the use of laser welding technology, laser welding machine and the flexibility to meet the processing of various materials of automobile, reduce the cost of production cars, improve production efficiency and bring huge economic benefits to the automobile manufacturing industry.
One, laser welding machine to meet the processing of various materials
The car body and chassis consists of 300 or more parts, the laser welding machine can take almost all regardless of thickness, grade, type and grade of material welded together into various shapes of parts, greatly improve the design flexibility of automobile. Mosaic is blank based on a full analysis on the body structure optimization design components, which can be composed of several typical blanks a welded, thus greatly reduces the number of molds and increase the utilization rate of materials, but also in different parts of the strength requirements of blanks with different thickness, can be a stamping molding, reduce weight, improve the accuracy, but also makes the corrosion resistance and safety performance has greatly improved, the body structure is greatly simplified.
Two, laser welding machine to reduce the cost of automobile production
laser welding machine  can bring huge economic benefits to the automobile manufacturing industry, such as a large number of spot welding in auto body assembly, the two welding head clip on the edge of welding, flange width to 16mm, while the laser welding is one-sided welding, only 5mm, the spot for the laser welding, each car can save steel 40kg. The traditional spot welding of two 0.8mm steel stamping parts, the average is 20 points /min, welding distance is 25mm, that is, the speed of 0.5m/min, laser welding speed can reach more than 5m/min. Using laser welding technology, not only reduce the cost, but also greatly improve the production efficiency. Laser welding technology is gradually mature so that the major automobile manufacturers, without exception, the application of laser welding to the automobile production line.
Three, laser welding process to improve the overall performance of the car
Laser welding machine in the automotive industry, the most important is the application in the automobile body welding and splicing blank board welding. In order to meet the needs of the market and customers, to improve the body and manufacturing process is very necessary, and the value of the car body is about 1/5 of the total value of the car.

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