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Mold laser welding machine easy to use it?

author:adminPublication time:2018-10-17 09:41:01【large in Small
Mold laser welding machine easy to use it?

There are many types of laser welding machine, mold laser welding machine is one of the type, then the mold laser welding machine is not as good as the laser welding machine with it? The following is the constant Chuan laser to explain the role of the mold laser welding machine?
Mould laser welding machine was known as the laser welding machine, in the process of development, mould laser welding machine is also known as the mold laser repair machine, but it is locally heated by conventional laser welding method to realize the laser welding machine, laser welding, laser repair methods such as micro area, to achieve material the melting of the eye with purpose. In addition to the characteristics of the traditional laser welding, but also to maximize the equipment to achieve human nature, safety, convenience and other advantages.
Mold 1 laser welding machine 1 large screen LCD Chinese interface display, so that the operator is more easy to learn and operate, but also the use of font programming features to achieve multi mode work, suitable for the majority of material mold repair. Not only the small heat affected zone, the oxidation rate is low, but does not appear sand holes, porosity and other phenomena, to repair the mould effect to achieve the combination without bump phenomenon, but does not lead to mold deformation.
Mold laser welding machine for the thickness of the material can be achieved in various styles of laser welding, repair, suitable for small die repair welding. Widely used in mobile phones, digital products, glasses, toys and other mold manufacturing and molding industry. Can repair welding of all kinds of mold steel, stainless steel, Brass Steel, precious metals and hard materials such as precision injection molding, die casting, mold repair metal jewelry and accessories, precision stamping welding, lost wax casting aluminum castings, stainless steel products, sand hole repair.
In summary, the mold laser welding machine and laser welding machine as well as ordinary, are local heating in a small region of materials using high energy laser pulses, the internal diffusion of laser radiation energy transfer material oriented by heat, the material is melted after forming specific molten pool.