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Technical overview of laser welding machine

author:adminPublication time:2018-10-17 09:39:28【large in Small

Laser welding technology is one of the important contents of laser processing technology, laser welding machine technology abroad research and application of relatively long history, in 1990s the United States and Europe have the laser processing and production process technology used in industry, agriculture and other industries in welding. Subsequently, our country also has carried on the extensive and thorough research and the use to the laser processing technology as well as the laser welding technology. Laser welding technology is one of the welding technology in recent years has been widespread concern and attention, because of the advantages and characteristics of other welding technology can not match the laser welding technology application value and development prospects are generally optimistic.
  laser welding machine  and other kinds of welding technology compared to welding for the temperature is relatively small, various temperatures can operate, laser welding equipment is simple, flexible collocation, the scope of application of laser welding is wide, can carry out the welding of various materials, and materials for different material welding the effect of welding technology is good, high welding speed, large depth and small deformation of laser welding. In addition, laser welding technology for welding equipment, higher accuracy requirements, and the operator's level of welding technology is higher, the cost of laser welding machine equipment is higher than other welding equipment. Laser welding machine technical requirements have also hindered the application of laser welding technology. Whether the traditional welding process or new welding work, laser welding technology can be flexible, easy to carry out, and the welding effect is better, more efficient welding. At present, there are a lot of laser welding technology production line in various fields of industrial and agricultural production process.