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Laser welding machine which has a significant advantage

author:adminPublication time:2018-10-17 09:36:34【large in Small

Compared with the traditional welding method, laser welding machine has the following 14 points:
1, laser welding machine can be reduced to the minimum required amount of heat, the heat affected zone is very small, very suitable for precision welding.
2, the use of high power laser hair source, laser welding machine can be welded 32mm thick steel plate.
3, no welding contact, can wear and deformation of machine fixture connected to a minimum.
4, laser welding machine  laser beam is easy to focus and other control, easy to guide, and other welding rules due to the space constraints and can not play.
5, the workpiece can be placed in a closed space (vacuum or internal filling gas).
6, the laser beam can be focused in a very small area, can be welded small and close parts,
7, laser welding machine can weld material range of large, basic can weld common all metal materials.
8, easy to integrate automation for high-speed welding, to facilitate the control of the computer.
9, laser welding thin material or thin diameter wire, not like arc welding is easy to have the trouble of return to melt.
10, not affected by the magnetic field (arc welding and electron beam welding is more susceptible to the impact), you can accurately align the welding parts.
11, can not achieve the operation of butt welding metal materials
12, do not need a vacuum, do not need to do X ray protection.
13, such as perforation type welding, weld depth width ratio can reach 10:1.
14, laser convenient transmission, laser welding machine can switch device will be transmitted to the laser beam at most workstations.