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Challenges facing the domestic laser welding machine industry

author:adminPublication time:2018-10-17 09:35:51【large in Small

In recent years the domestic laser welding machine to accelerate the pace of development, many domestic laser welding machine manufacturers in the rapid rise, perfect and improve their products at the same time, continued development of high-end new products, but also domestic laser welding machine is also facing some challenges, in the face of fierce market competition, the laser welding machine industry must overcome the unfavorable factors common the smaller, further improve the level of management, strengthen the technological innovation and new product development efforts, and actively adjust the product structure, to the small and specialized, small and special, small and strong development direction.
Although, in recent years, the domestic  laser welding machine  rapid development, but the distance of imported high-end products still have a long distance, first of all, the domestic laser welding machine and imported high-end products compared to the degree of automation is low, at present China's welding mechanization and automation are accounted for only about 40% of the amount of welding, and is mainly the process automation, there is little mechanization, the automation of the whole process automation, automobile, shipbuilding and pressure vessels only turn part of the enterprise industry for more than 80% of the rate of various industries.
Secondly, the domestic welding equipment, scientific research investment is insufficient. In addition, since China's accession to the WTO market competition intensifies, but also on the domestic laser welding machine market has a great impact. Domestic laser welding machine product demand continues to increase, will promote the laser welding machine industry to develop high technology content, high added value of large equipment, special equipment for the direction of development.