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Application range of laser welding machine

2018-12-21 13:19:35    

Prospect of welding automation technology
The development of electronic technology, computer microelectronics residence and automation technology has promoted the development of laser welding machine automation technology. In particular, the introduction of CNC technology, flexible manufacturing technology and information processing technology to promote the development of welding automation technology.
(1) the intelligent welding process control system is one of the key problems of the 2 laser welding machine 2 automation, and it is also an important direction for our future research. We should carry out the research on the optimal control methods, including linear and nonlinear control. The most representative is the fuzzy control of welding process, neural network control, and the research of expert system.
(2) welding flexible technology is also our focus on the study of the content. In the future, we will combine various kinds of light, machine, electric technology and welding technology to realize the precision and flexibility of welding. Using micro electronics technology to transform the traditional welding process and equipment is the basic way to improve the level of welding automation. The numerical control technology with all kinds of welding equipment, in order to improve the flexibility of our current level, is a research direction; in addition, combined with the robot and the expert system of laser welding, automatic path planning, trajectory correction, automatic automatic control penetration and other functions, is the focus of our study.
(3) the integration of  laser welding machine  control system is the integration of human and technology and the integration of welding technology and information technology. The information flow and material flow are the important components of the integrated system, which can promote the combination of the information flow and the material flow, which can greatly reduce the requirement of the information quantity and real-time control. Pay attention to the role of the people in the control and the treatment response and ability to judge, to establish friendly man-machine Christmas, make the person and the automatic system of harmony and unity, is not to be underestimated integrated system.
(4) to improve the reliability, stability and control of the welding power supply, as well as the excellent dynamic performance, but also we focus on the subject of research. With the adjustment of arc movement, wire and welding torch is developed, can detect the slope at the beginning, the temperature field and weld pool penetration status, and timely provide high performance welding welding parameters, and should actively develop welding process simulation technology of computer. To make the welding technology from the "skills" to "scientific" evolution of the roller to achieve an important aspect of welding automation. The first ten years of this century will be a favorable time for the rapid development of the welding industry. The welding workers go15, must establish Zhinanershang determination. Seize the opportunity, and strive for the improvement of the level of the automation of our country.

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