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Welding method of laser welding machine

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Resistance welding
It is used for welding thin metal parts, laser welding machine in two electrode clamping surface work piece through the current electrode melting large contact, through the workpiece to implement welding heat resistance. The workpiece deformation, resistance welding joint by welding and laser welding on both sides, only from the unilateral, resistance welding with electrodes need regular maintenance to remove the oxide and the adhesion of metal from the workpiece, the thin metal lap joint laser welding is not in contact with the workpiece, and the beam can enter the conventional welding to welding and welding speed region. Fast.
Argon arc welding
laser welding machine  using non consumable electrode and protective gas, commonly used to weld thin workpiece, but the welding speed is slow, and the heat input is much larger than the laser welding, easy to produce deformation.
Plasma arc welding
Similar with the argon arc welding torch, but it will have to improve the arc arc compression, moderate energy density than argon arc welding speed, deep penetration, but inferior to laser welding.
Electron beam welding
Laser welding machine by a beam of high energy density of electron impact on the workpiece, the workpiece surface is very small dense accumulation of a huge heat, the formation of "keyhole" effect, and thus the implementation of welding. The main drawback of electron beam welding is a high vacuum environment to prevent electron scattering, complex equipment, welding pieces of the size and shape of the vacuum chamber by the welding assembly constraints, strict quality requirements, the vacuum electron beam welding can also be implemented, but due to electron scattering and focusing effect is not good. Electron beam welding and magnetic deviation and X - ray problems, due to the electron charged, will be affected by the magnetic field deflection, it requires the beam welding workpiece welding to the magnetic treatment. X - ray under high pressure is particularly strong, the need to implement the protection of the operator. Laser welding is not required for the vacuum chamber and the workpiece before welding to magnetic treatment, it can be carried out in the atmosphere, there is no anti X ray problems, it can be on-line operation in the production line, also can be welded magnetic materials