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[2018-10-17 09:56:37]Laser welding machine built in the daily maintenance of the laser
It is necessary for the laser to be protected by the personnel who have specialized in the laser welding machine manufacturers to carry out, otherwise it is easy to attack the serious man-made damage.
[2018-10-17 09:55:46]Laser welding machine technology in our country at present stage
At present, China has formed a laser welding machine technology research and development, production through-train system, production unit of laser welding machine technology research and development center, laser welding equipment gradually formed, provi
[2018-10-17 09:55:08]Pulse shape of laser welding machine
During the welding process of the laser welding machine, the reflectivity of the material changes with the change of the temperature of the workpiece surface, so the pulse shape has an indirect effect on the reflectivity of the material. The laser start f
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